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Elevate your enterprise with Techshotz – your linchpin for stellar technology solutions. We amalgamate innovative Cloud and Automation, incisive Business Analytics, adept Application Development, and strategic Marketing & SEO to catapult your online presence and operational efficiency.

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Cloud and Automation

Cloud and Automation

Elevate your operational efficiency with Techshotz Cloud and Automation services. Experience seamless Cloud Migration for enhanced flexibility and reduced costs. Secure your digital assets with our robust Cloud Security protocols and orchestration. Revolutionize your IT infrastructure with our cutting-edge Software Solutions. Enhance data security and quality through our top-tier Data Transformation & ETL Pipelines, proven with numerous Fortune 500 firms. Gain key insights into your operations with our advanced Data Warehousing & Analytics. Streamline operations and focus on your core business by automating routine tasks through our expertise in Robotic Process Automation.

Cloud Migration

Cloud Security

Software Solutions

Data Transformation

ETL Pipelines

Data Warehousing & Analytics






digital ocean

google cloud


Business Analytics

Business Analytics

Unlock the power of data with Techshotz Business Analytics services. Transform historical data into actionable insights and visually track your progress with our Business Intelligence solutions. Leverage Machine Learning to detect trends and make data-driven decisions that cut manual labor. Experience growth and enhanced productivity with our industry-leading Artificial Intelligence services, capable of analyzing billions of records to automate improvement flows. Solve business challenges effectively with our expert Data Analytics, introducing technology to optimize business processes and SOPs.

Business Intelligence

Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence

Data Analytics




Application Development

Application Development

Bring your digital vision to life with Techshotz Application Development services. Develop user-centered Web Applications tailored to your requirements for a seamless user experience. Create custom Mobile Applications for iOS and Android platforms, designed by our skilled team using the latest tools and technologies. Turn your e-commerce vision into reality, from basic stores to enterprise-level solutions. Get a stunning, functional, SEO-friendly, and secure WordPress Website, suitable for businesses of all scales.

Web Application

Mobile Application

E-commerce Website


react hook

ant design

Material ui




rest api





 Marketing & SEO

Marketing & SEO

Amplify your online presence with Techshotz Marketing & SEO services. Optimize your online visibility with our SEO strategies and rank higher on search engine result pages. Drive instant traffic and conversions through targeted Pay-Per-Click Advertising. Attract and engage your audience with valuable Content Marketing. Nurture leads and increase engagement through tailored Email Marketing campaigns. Promote brand awareness and generate leads with our Social Media Marketing. Enhance your reach and credibility through Affiliate and Influencer Marketing. Manage and improve your online reputation with our ORM services. Increase visitor conversions through our Conversion Rate Optimization. Boost brand awareness and conversions with engaging Video Marketing. Attract more local customers with our Local SEO strategies. Track and improve your online performance with our Analytics and Reporting. And, craft user-friendly websites optimized for conversions with our Web Design and Development.



Content Marketing

Email Marketing,

Local SEO


Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise Solutions

Navigate the complexities of today’s interconnected business world with our adept Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) services. At Techshotz, we provide a tailored ERP service, meticulously designed to tackle your contemporary challenges and streamline intricate business processes. Our service is not just a tool but a comprehensive solution, ensuring a robust foundation for sustained efficiency and strategic connectivity in a perpetually evolving corporate landscape.








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